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Golf Course

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Golf Course

Beitragvon JoeClark » 23.11.2017, 09:22

Hi there,

Does anyone have experience scanning a golf course?

If so,
-what deliverables were provided (what was the purpose of the scan). How much time did you invest in processing the deliverables?
-Was there a reason to georeference your data in the field? (did you use GPS? does each hole sit on its own coordinate system? or does the entire course use the same local coordinate system?)

How long did it take you in the field?

Going to be using two C10's and HDS targets. Any suggestions on a better method? I read somewhere about spherical targets being better for golf course work?

Goal for the scan is to collect the location of all sprinkler heads (but hopefully he sees value in the data we are collecting (greens, trees, etc...)

I was also thinking of scanning at night, or at least into the night. Anyone had a bad experience with this? I know we can get color imagery at night, so that would be one downside.

Thanks for any info
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